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You fit know wetin dey sup with your old and new transactions.

Frequently asked questions

Wetin be Abokie?
Abokie na the bureau-de-change of bitcoin. We dey epp people change their bitcoin to naira sharpsharp so that they go fit enjoy life with their friends.
How soon I go get alert?
He no dey tay. Once we confirm say your bitcoin don enter the network, we go sama you alert sharpsharp.
Shey una dey use OTP or collect BVN ?
For where. We no dey long thing. No OTP. No BVN. Just send your bitcoin and collect naira. No stories. No stress.
Hope say Abokie dey safe?
We get ogbonge security for our website. Your transaction and details dey safe with Abokie. Don’t thank us. What are friends for?
How I fit come your Bitcoin Padi?
He no hard. Just click this link to join our telegram where you go dey win ogbonge gift every week.
How soon I go get my naira?
Immediately your bitcoin hit ONE confirmation on the blockchain network, we go sama you alert sharpsharp.

The only thing dear to our heart is to bring you
closer and faster to your money.